Monster(s) – Be – Gone

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This Blog Post Is Sprinkled

With Halloween Spirit!


Do you have or know a child who fears monsters?

It is common for children between the ages of 3-8 years of age to have fears.  Fears in small children are often triggered by an experience, for instance a scary movie, a spooky tale, or any of the many events involving Halloween with all of its tricks and treats.  A stressful event, such as, moving, divorce, abuse, or death may also bring out your child’s fear.  A child has a lot going on in their little noggin, including a developing vivid imagination.  I feel it is best to squash your child’s fear and not their imagination.  In the process of squashing fear, be sure not to ignore it.  Make sure that you acknowledge their fear and talk about it.  Explain to your child that it is sometimes a part of growing up to have these fears and that you understand.

Help demystify the monster by:




The Lavender Essential Oil relaxes, while the Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil soothes, both child and adult.
Have you or your child spray their pillow and linens (tell them this will protect their dreams too) in addition to where they believe the monster hides.
This would be a good time to get the sillies out and yell or scream a silly phrase or jingle about no more monsters under the bed (perhaps to the tune of, “No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed”).
After all silliness is over, begin to tuck your little on in and take a few deep breaths with your child before lights out and hello sweet dreams.
I like to ask my little one what she is going to dream about each night, her response is always different, but pleasant.  If for some reason your child is worried about bad dreams, plant good dream thoughts in their head.  Remind your child that the mist will also protect their dreams.



  • Adult supervision is recommended.
  • Avoid glass spray bottles.
  • Bigger is not always better – Use a smaller (plastic) spray bottle so your child can spray it with his or her tiny hands, making them feel like a real monster/ghost buster.
  • Keep it fun! Purchase colorful (plastic) spray bottles – Look in the travel section of many stores.
  • Label your mist and decorate the (plastic) bottle with fun stickers.

Tell us about your little

(real or imaginary) monster

in the comments below!

photo by: autumn_bliss

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